Friday, November 16, 2012

I was thinking...

I was thinking...

That is always a dangerous thing.

I killed a spider today. Have you ever noticed when you kill a spider how it’s legs crumple in? Their bodies never really look flattened, their legs just sort of crumple in.

How will I look when I die?

What will be my final pose?

How often do you think about death? I’ve been thinking about it more lately. Some people said that today was going to be judgment day. I think they’ve gotten it wrong.

But do you ever think about death?

Like really think about death?

I killed a spider today. I didn’t think much of it. How often do we do that? We generally just squash them…perhaps clean up the mess…move along. How about driving? How many bugs are killed as we travel to our next destination. Death is everywhere. Yet we attempt with all of our might to ignore it…even if it comes at our own hands. Maybe we aren’t ignoring it, just not thinking about it.

Is that the same thing?

Probably not.

I killed a spider today. I thought nothing of it. This creature was alive, now he is not.

I have a friend who likes to fish, hunt, kill, skin, and eat what he kills. I wonder how often he thinks of death. To take a creature from one state to another. From a state of being, to...not being..

Or are they?

How often do we think about death? Why do we ignore it? It is such a huge part of life. If life wasn’t so big, death would be bigger…but life…life is life. If life wasn’t so important, maybe we’d think about death more. But perhaps death is the path to life. Now there’s a thought.

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