Sunday, December 2, 2012

Advent in brief and why to celebrate it...

Advent is an annual season on the church calendar that is celebrated by many Christians, in many different Christian denominations and traditions, in which we prepare our hearts for Christmas day...Christmas day of course, being the day in which we celebrate the incarnation.

Our English word "advent" comes from the Latin word "adventus" which means "coming". The big idea during the season of Advent is the idea of patient waiting and eager expectation...a hopeful anticipation of what God is going to do through the Messiah.

Primarily what is focused on during the season of Advent is the first coming of Christ. So Advent is a time of soul searching and remembrance as we remember what God has done through the incarnation. At the same time though, it is a preparing of our own hearts for what God will do when Christ comes the second time. We remember that with our ancient spiritual ancestors, we too are waiting with eager and hopeful expectation. We too are still waiting with a hopeful anticipation for what God is going to do through Christ, through the Messiah.

Celebrating Advent is certainly not a requirement for the Christian, there is no biblical mandate, but I certainly do think it is very profitable. Advent  is a wonderful way of keeping ourselves grounded during this time of year-a time of year in which it is so easy to get distracted with all of the busyness that surrounds the Christmas holiday-Advent helps to remind us that ultimately this season is about treasuring and adoring Christ. As indeed is all of life.

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