Monday, November 5, 2012

New Blog: Providential Irony-Why?

I tested the waters yesterday, announcing that I was contemplating starting a new blog. I figured many folks would ask questions. I was right.

The big question was, 'Why?'

Well, I'm not totally sure. The short answer, and the easiest answer is, "Because I want to." This is probably not sufficient for most people. Honestly though, I'm not entirely sure myself, other than to say I had an overwhelming desire to do so, and I did have what I think are some pretty good reasons. Here are a couple...

I'm sensing right now in my life, there are many things I need to re-evaluate and refocus on. I confess, this is probably another case of the  'discontent' that often creeps into my life from time to time, but that doesn't change the truth that I do need to re-evaluate and refocus in several areas of my life. For me, in order to refocus it's always been easier to simply start over. This isn't always possible in life, but with this blog, it is. My writing is something I really want to focus more on. Therefore, I've chosen to start a new blog.

In refocusing on my writing, I think my writing will change. Whether it is true or not, I felt at times over at 'Striving With God' I was pegged in a bit. There we're certain things I could write about...a certain style of writing...certain subjects...perhaps even certain genres of writing I could tackle. Other things I wasn't always as comfortable with. I concede, this could very well be my feelings and insecurities only, but still, it's how I felt. I hope to be a bit more diverse here in what I write. Whether or not that happens, we shall see.

There may be even more reasons...In fact I'm sure of it. But for now, I think these are sufficient, for anyone who cares to read where we go from here.

The second question I anticipate is, 'What's up with the title?'

Very often in life, there are many truths that seem to be at odds with each other. The world is evil yet beautiful at the same time. Man can both kill and bring healing. Man can both love and hate, sometimes in the same breath. God is sovereign over all things, yet we cannot deny that we have real choices and decisions that we must make, and are held responsible for. It is often hard to reconcile these truths, yet, it is my feeling they can be reconciled, and as we look and explore the realities of who God is...I think we see the all powerful hand of God's good providence at work in all of it. Though things may not always be what they seem, they are as they should be...even if we can't figure out why, or how that is.

So, what happens with 'Striving With God'?

Well for now it is still there. For a while, I may use both blogs, and use it to point others here. I may leave it up...I may not. We shall see. There are many good posts there, that I would love to keep. I may integrate, and re-post those here. I want to blog pretty regularly, so, in having some stuff already written that I can re-post...that may help in that area, especially when life is busy, as it so often is.

So that is where we are right now. For those that followed me over at 'Striving With God' I hope you'll follow me over here at 'Providential Irony' as well.

I realize some folks may think that I'm taking myself too seriously here...And they would probably be right. But then again, I think most of us do. Especially if we blog. Bloggers and writers often take themselves too seriously. It's why we write. We think we have something to say that the world must hear. While I do think it's a dangerous mistake to take yourself too seriously, after all the world isn't going to end if they don't read your writing...I think it's an equally dangerous mistake to think you don't have anything worth saying.

Hopefully I have some things worth saying, I hope you guys will take the time to read it.

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