Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Talking About Faith

How we talk about our faith matters.

I was speaking with a friend a few nights ago, and as they often do, our conversation turned to spiritual matters. As we discussed, I don't believe I said anything untrue. I am convinced I was right. I spoke truth.

Truth is often hard to hear...

Still, I came away from the conversation convicted.

Did I speak in a way that painted God in the best possible light? Did my words draw my friend closer to God, or did they push her away?

There are certainly times where the Word of God does put up walls, and push people away. I think the Word of God does that by it's very all truth ultimately does. But the question is, did my words convey the love, mercy, and grace of God?

...or was I more concerned with being right?

I fear the latter may be the case.

Forgive me for all the times I don't accurately convey your love.
Forgive me when my words convey little of the grace and mercy that you possess and pour out.
Forgive me when I fail to bring you the glory you desire, and the glory that you so deserve.
Forgive me when I'd rather be right, than point people to you.

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